Most Investors are Not Investors but they Are Traders.  So Therefore if Those Who are Traders Learn How to INVEST into a High Probability Price Action Mechanism or into a System that Uses Those Mechanisms Profit Potential, LARGE Profit Potential Chances Increase DRAMATICALLY

At AUTHORITY Investing We Look to Teach Our Students How to Score BIG on a Repeated, Highest of High Probability Basis, Purposefully, Intentionally and Timely Every Time They Invest.  Register to Find Out More...

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There Is a Much Better Way to Invest that Involves High Probability for Immediate Returns and Vastly Superior Long Term Returns Especially when Compounding Just About Every Time You Enter the Markets....

Now Isn't That Better than "Buy and Hope" for Maybe Some Return in the Distant Future?  How Long do You Have to Wait?  Are You Really "Investing" Or Are You Emotionally Buying at a High and Selling at a Low?  Into What Have You Actually and Exactly Been Investing?




"Home Runs Only" investing is a certain mindset and a certain approach that keeps one focused only on the the best of the best moves. As you learn and understand the ways and strategies of homerun investing then you can potentially become a much more efficient investor. And when you learn how to put Home Runs Only investing together with a goal and an overall plan, then Home Runs Only investing can become very rewarding and very exciting as well for the long-term.


Learn How to Invest in a Trading Business Instead of Wining it in the Markets

Discover how to make potential incredible and consistent returns a very simple thing to do by becoming a systematic investor through trading a price based investing system.


Discover How to Turn a Stock Portfolio into a Covered Calls2.0 into a Cash Producing Assets for a Potential High Cash Flow Retirement Even at an Early Age


Discover How Big Picture Chart Patterns Can Make You Insanely Rich

Start Investing in Our Proven Chart Patterns for Purposeful Investing with Right Timing Entrances to Ride Very Specific (Big) Moves Over & Over Again

Discover How to Start Thinking MUCH Bigger for Investment Returns with Much Better Reward to Risk Ratios & Higher Probability of Success than Just About Any Other Type of Investing


Learn How to Ride Mega Trends in the Markets Exactly and On Purpose for Investing ONLY for Huge Returns EVERY TIME & without Buying and Hoping...


How to Specifically & Strategically & Systematically Make Your First Million in the Markets


Most people are somewhat familiar with the concept of investing in stocks. Unfortunately the concept of investing in stocks that most people know is extremely vague and usually leads to loss (unless they are copying approve an expert or they have a proven expert investing their money for them). But for those looking to make Superior returns, superior returns from Stock Investing then they will want to consider our approach of price bass Stock Investing

Discover How to Compound 50% a Year or More on Your Stock - Cash Return & No Margin


Futures contracts be used as an investment vehicle for superior returns. For futures investing we would look to invest into price patterns or price-based trading systems, while using futures as the vehicle. Imagine being able to purposely ride big trends or big explosive moves off of chart patterns over and over for great reward-to-risk ratios and potential Turtle Traders like returns.


Learn How to Establish a Cash Flow Retirement Plan from a Portfolio of Stocks Through Systematic & Strategic Covered Call 2.0 Selling in Addition to Other Cash Vaccuum Strategies...

Options investing be incredible when you know how to buy the right options in combination with the right strategies or systems.

Trend investing with options is often overlooked and can bring very large returns.

Options trading and combination chart pattern and Home Run Trading set ups could be that exciting and potentially ridiculously profitable opportunity that you've been looking for.

AUTHORITY Investing - a New Approach to Investing for Much More Consistent & Large Returns by Investing into Price Action Strategy or Price Action Systems...

So Instead of Buy and Hoping for the Best, You Now Intentionally Invest into New Big Price Action Trends and Chart Patterns for Big Money Returns NOW Specifically.  Do that Over and Over for Potential Vastly Superior Return

  1. Learn How to Become a Strategy Investor or a Systems Investor Where You Invest in Priced Based Trading Strategy Setups & Even Run Them Systematically Over Time

  2. Ride Big Moves Up.  Ride Big Moves Down.  No More Buy and Hope.  Trade Big Moves and Big Trends on Stocks, Futures, Forex, Options, Cryptos.. With Our Strategies and Systems

Discover the POWER Of Investing into Operation of a Trading System Instead of “Buy and Hope”

  • Big Investor Trends – ride 6 month to 2 years or more giant trends.
  • Big Picture Chart Pattern Setups
  • High Velocity Shorter Term Power Trends Investing
  • Covered Calls 2.0 – covered calls reinvented for much more consistency and much more cash flow.
  • Giant Range Trading
  • Massive Explosive Trading Setups

Learn to Invest into Price Moves for a Very Specific Profit Getting & Compounding Growth of Your Money

AUTHORITY Investing provides Investing based education, ideas, systems and strategies.

What do we offer you?

  • Hope for a better future.  We decided to launch this site after seeing so many people get involved in the stock market, Forex market, Options Market etc.  and the proceed to get their clocks cleaned” wasting a lot of time and a lot of money.   And actually after seeing family members struggle and give themselves as well as their family continual grief.. we decided to help.
  • How are we going to help you?  Through our 30 plus years of extensive trading, research and systems development experience in the markets we have learned many many things while cracking many many codes.  What are these codes?  These are the “inside secrets” to what makes a winning trader a winning traders.  Once you know and understand these secrets – the market is yours for the taking.
  • We will present to you products as well as free training on how to get the secret concepts, logic, tricks, methods, math and one could argue, most importantly, the mindset, the way of looking at the markets that draws you into success and draws success to you.  Yes there is a science to it all and you can KNOW how to start putting yourself in the position to win and win and win while vanquishing losing concepts even uninstalling losing concepts from your cerebral and heart’s mind.

Learn to invest in the mechanics that makes investments move.  Buy.  Short sell.  Ride moves up and down very specifically.   Get empowered with our investing based trading strategies and investing based trading systems.

There is simply no use investing in something that is overvalued.  But what’s overvalued?   A top in price for the short, medium or long term is over valued, when buying.

If you are a buyer only in your investing you must buy lower and sell higher later.  There are many who have also learned to “anti-invest” and short high to buy back lower. And there is nothing wrong with that; don’t let any talking head fool you.