Big Price Action Move Investing


The concept of investing can be fun but it can also waste a lot of time and a lot of money.  We’re going to show you a much better way…


What’s worse is that it can waste a lot of your focus by looking at your “investments” day by day and throughout the day even. It can become a continual of worry and ruin the rest of your life by disallowing you from being focused. If your investment is up for the day you’re a happy person if your investment is down for the day you’re a miserable person – this can also reach havoc on your relationships and work performance. Not only that, roller coaster of emotions can open you up to other pitfalls that you really don’t want to get into.

These concepts are a very real thing and you know what we are talking about if you have experience investing in the markets. So therefore we look to correct this concept that the masses follow like a herd hoping to get accidentally lucky one day and turn into Warren Buffett “overnight”.

In fact some people do get accidently luckily. And some people even get strategically lucky. And although that may seem like a good thing you could also be a very bad thing. Additionally getting lucky is so few and far between that it’s still not worth the time.

Those who get lucky on a stock investment or even a couple of them usually don’t know what to do with the money afterwards. They don’t know how to keep it and grow it. And when big money goes to the head (or rather the heart with heavy dosing of euphoric emotions that make intelligent decision-making very difficult) not much good follows… This is a mindset that can not only get them to lose that money but even go bankrupt as seen in all sorts of trader crash stories over time and in addition to the very large bankruptcy stats associated with lottery winners. That said we don’t mean to seem so negative we just want you to not waste your life following what “they” say and what the herd does. We want you to be shrewd and completely successful. So what’s the solution?

Solution: what is better to do is to focus in on big price action move investing. What is that? That’s the focus in on strategic price action base setup based on price charts such as through chart patterns or trend identification methods both of which we can teach you how to do here at AUTHORITY Investing through our strategies and systems home study courses.

Additional you could take the cash flow systems approach whereas you can even look to trade shorter time frame such as swing Trading. The concept here is that invest into the running execution of the system. The concept would be that instead of buying a stock and hoping it goes up sometime in the future you can ride moves up and down and up and down very specifically and achieve potentially far more consistent returns that can be comp overtime which can lead to massive gains.

Make sure you join our newsletter to get more educated on these very powerful principles over time. Very important that you understand Big Price Action Move Investing now so you can get started even with small amounts of money and look to comp overtime. Yes that’s the secret – starting small and methodically compounding overtime (just like Warren Buffett…)