Cash Flow Systems Investing


Cash Flow Systems Investing is a concept into a mental shift whereas we look to invest into the mechanics, the operation of a trading system, a simple to execute system, with very little time involved trading system that can put us in the position for methodically generating cash flow while stacking that cash flow and compounding cash flow over time.


It may seem obvious at first to most people but what we’re looking to do is push a mental shift here. Firstly a lot of people may think of cash flow trading systems as methods that are gimmicks that they can try for a little while and then forget about after seeing some other shiny object snag their attention. We are talking about treating the approach of systematic trading of stocks, options, futures, Forex etc in a very methodical way with a long-term perspective a vastly superior returns that can be more consistent throughout the ups and downs of the marketplace. The gimmick mindset is like a mental that has infected for the masses. They cause themselves trouble and they cause trouble for other people in this crazy mindset of the gimmick mindset. If you have it it’s time to get cleansed of it if you’re looking to succeed in the short, medium and long-term.

Also other people get emotionally involved in trading their system because they want money “now now now” which them messes them up. It causes them to force the issue, not learn their trading system well, not learn their trading system rules well in understanding or practice and have no money management position sizing method. This desperate mindset makes and keeps people poor. One has to have a longer-term perspective in order to make any serious money. It’s time to go to retrain our brains and retrain our hearts in order to make correct systems training to start happening again.

So we want to think in terms of growing net worth because that’s what the wealthy do. The poor mindset is thinking in terms of now now now now. But we must be strategic planners, starting now, for the short medium and long-term. The greatest cash flow will come through a mindset that focuses on the longer-term.

What we want to do is start to grow trading accounts through a systematic approach to trading and compound returns overtime into bigger and bigger trading accounts. Because with the correct money management position sizing we will start to be able to take bigger and bigger position sizes overtime. As our trading position sizes grow over time the more average profit we can make for trade which thereby increases our cash flowing significantly.

Yes the desperate mindset of making money now now now or looking to get rich quick will “not go unpunished” ( Proverbs 28:22 “He that hasteth to be rich hath an evil eye, and considereth not that poverty shall come upon him.”). Money runs away from this type of desperate low faith attitude. (yes it’s interesting the concept money running or flying away as if money is a person or a being where has money likes people and doesn’t like others based on they think and behave.) So let’s consider that and correct the ways of thinking that most people do due to various sales pitches floating out and about. Let’s get strategic and long-term thinking so we can start succeeding what term as well.

So we are looking to become more businesslike and methodical in our approach to investing. So we can position ourselves or greater returns over time, greater. And in fact whereas 99% of people do not do well in their own investing for example, that percentage of people could be potentially flip-flopped whereas most start to do well when they get more developed a super solid methodical trading system based on super-solid price concepts that can put them in the position to compound profits over time. That said we’re not guaranteeing any future returns and so on but in concept we need to have a positive expectation mindset and go for the results that were looking for which would then draw us towards a type of trading style that has the potential for long-term durable cash flow. Some years may do better than others but we’re looking for the average to give us some sort of solid return that we can compound over time. And do you understand that systematic compounding can grow a trading account very large if consistently achieved over time.