Event Based Investing

What is event-based investing?

This is when we look to take advantage of certain tendencies, Loop holes in the marketplace due to certain types of events. These events open up trading, investing opportunities with a very good degree of probability for great profit.

Now there are different events that happened on a regular basis in the stock market. Some are more treatable and offer more opportunity than others.

For example the earnings season cycle offers huge opportunities on a steady and fairly predictable basis. Another and in the marketplace is the stock split which offers certain patterns as well. There are yearly patterns. There are monthly patterns. There are shorter term patterns although those are outside of the scope of this site. On top of that there are also seasonal patterns, for example, stock market crashes in the fall, often in October.

Here are some of our invent based investing products below.  These are in the form of home study courses.

Stocks Splits InvestorEarning Seasons Cycler Investor