Options Investing

LEAPS Have you Heard of Them?  They Are a Way to Play Longer Term Options

In options investing you don’t have to only play LEAPS. You can play even shorter term, long term options and pair that to a great trend or great big chart pattern move and pretty incredible Returns.

The Great thing about options is that they require far less cash. They are limited risk investments with unlimited reward.

What about premium decay? Well when you buy long-term option premium Decay is very slow. Options premium decay is a very small factor when your options are far out in time. The point of options investing is to pair up options with a big trend, a power trend, a parabolic trend, a big chart pattern move, a medium-term trend or a longer-term investor trend. Returns from combining high probability price action setups with longer-term options can be beyond what you ever thought possible and done in a very stable way.

Most of the negativity you hear on TV about options is invalid in that most don’t know how to read a price chart at all. They read a few books that talk about price action in a very shallow way and they simply don’t understand it. So then they write it off and tell you the only way to make money is to have a monkey pick stocks for you or give your money to “the professionals” to provide you a moderate return overtime at best while leaving you vulnerable to the destruction of Europe portfolio, you life savings if the crashes. That’s not the case when you trade price the way we do!

You don’t have to be vulnerable to you market collapse is. Actually and frankly you’re going to start loving market collapses because you’ll be able to make a fortune when the market collapses. How? Because when the market collapses in stocks, or any price instrument, but more so stocks, due to the buying bias price action tends to move fast and hard to the downside. Well that’s music to our ears! That’s especially great when you are trading options because huge returns can be had.

Here two of our options specific courses below. Really you can use any of our price based systems and pair of them with longer-term option if you’re interested in other specific options trading system contact or visit Options Trading AUTHORITY

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