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  1. Covered Call Retirement:  Forget social security or a steadily melting savings.  Forget gambling on mutual funds or investment portfolio advisers that can have your retirement savings cut in half or worse, nearly wiped out, along with a market crash.  Create your own cash producing assets that could give you a very good monthly or even weekly cash flow income. In this course:
    1. Lean about covered calls and why they have been traditionally a lame strategy.  But
    2. Learn how we fixed covered calls whereas our “Covered Calls2.0” are now an amazing strategy.
    3. Imagine owning a stock that split over time giving you 40,000 shares off an initial 1,000 share investment.  Then imagine netting .50 to 1.00 point of premium a month giving you roughly $20,000 to $40,000 side, closest thing to, free cash flow – hear this story!
    4. Now you can have a plan to make more a lot more money when your stocks go down and make a lot more money when your stocks go up.
    5. Learn exactly when to sell a call or not.
    6. Discover how you can sell even in the money calls to collect more premium while avoiding getting called out.
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